Why take lessons?

At Cedar Rhapsody School of Music, you'll learn one on one with a professional music teacher, not an internet video. Feedback is instant and tailored to your needs. Instruction is personalized and matches your child's learning pace.

Our Teachers

Adam Kutchman

Adam Kutchman is the Digital Music Teacher for Cedar Rhapsody School of Music. He’s a lifelong musician and college trained audio geek.

Andy Lesieur

Andy is a vocal coach, and a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids. Andy has been teaching across the state of Iowa over the past 20 years with additional online students that span well beyond Iowa’s borders. He has helped students of all ages, from years 6 through 86, to find their natural voice and achieve their goals, such as: singing on pitch, extending their range, landing solos and lead roles, winning competitions, making All State and other honor ensembles, earning scholarships, getting agency representation, and more. He also teaches beginner to intermediate violin, viola, and string bass lessons as well as beginner through advanced cello technique. “

Angela Tastad

Angela Tastad is a piano teacher who grew up playing piano, singing in choir, and playing in the school band. What excites her is sharing her passion for music with students. She is a stay at home mom to 3 kids, living in Marion. Music has been a huge part of her life since she was young.

Angie Green, Guitar Teacher

Angie Green

Angie is a guitar instructor. Angie is also a bass, ukulele and mandolin teacher too. Angie has had a passion for music since she was young and has performed in multiple bands over the years. Angie has over 2 decades of teaching experience and more than 3 decades of experience as a musician. Through music lessons, Angie helps children gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to become lifelong musicians. At Cedar Rhapsody School of Music, we are dedicated to working with children of all ages and development and treating them with respect and kindness.


III has played music since grade school, where he was told he should play trombone. Early high school found III switching to drums and joining his first rock band, and he’s been playing in bands for the thirty years since. His teaching philosophy is simple: People learn better when they’re having fun.

Why our school?

Cedar Rhapsody School of Music offers music education for children ages 5 and up in an environment that is nurturing and safe, where students are encouraged to explore and appreciate music, and acquire important academic and life skills. Through music education, they learn mathematics, language, problem solving, mindfulness, and resilience that will help them to succeed as they grow and mature.

Our teachers provide expert education for students of all ages and levels. In addition to discovering the joy of playing music, we offer performance opportunities, as well as learning standard music notation and music theory. Concerts, supplemental workshops, and social groups are available throughout the year. Adults, beginners, experienced musicians, and children with special learning needs are all welcome!